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Moulded foam systems for the furniture and automotive industry!
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Water-based adhesives
For automotive laminations and the foam converting industry!
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For upholstery and automotive industry!
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Pouring systems for diesel-, oil- and air filtration!
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Solvent-based adhesives


Although, the use of solvent-based SBS/SIS caoutchouc adhesives is highly discussed in terms of environmental issues, it is still being used very often even today. With FENOTACK LS, Fenos holds a range of products, to meet the requirements of sophisticated upholstery producers at a high level of security and quality! High-tension bondings can be achieved and a great resistance to heat guarantees end products of highest quality. A most attractive price/performance ratio is very important to Fenos’ customers - and we are aware of that! High solid contents of up to 65 % represent the standard and consequently reduce the ratio of solvents to a minimum.

For challenging contact-bondings, at potentially higher temperatues, our range of FENOTACK LP products, on basis of polychloroprene, come into operation. Amongst others, a typical application area for our Fenotack LP is the bonding of pipe insulations, or edge gluing in automotive or upholstery industry and for office chairs.



For bondings in the sector of automotive, the products of our range of FENOTACK LT are particularly well suited. These Fenotack types can be applied in a 2-component mode, enabling a simple lamination at low temperatures with the result of a final product, that will meet the highest of demands and standards!