Flexible Foam
Fenofoam WS
High resilience foam systems
Viscoelastic soft foam systems.
Integral Foam
Fenofoam HI
Moulded foam parts with a compact surface skin.
Filter Foam
Fenofoam FL
Robust sealings for engine air filters.
Rigid Foam
Fenofoam RD
For moulded insulation parts!
Casting systems
Fenomer VU/VF
Compact pouring masses for filter production.
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Integral foam

The dense and compact skin of an integral foam protects the soft inner core and thereby enlarges the area of its application enormously. During the reaction of the polyol with the MDI-based isocyanate the integral skin is obtained by the influence of a physical blowing agent or even water. The skin guarantees a certain resistance towards abrasion as well as an increased resistance against moisture and many chemicals.

The surface hardness can be chosen in the complete range of Shore A.


General applications:

  • Seats, arm-rests for office chairs
  • Shift knobs
  • Steering wheels
  • Energy-absorbing protectors
  • Floor mats
  • Visco-elastic mattresses (for operation tables)