Flexible Foam
Fenofoam WS
High resilience foam systems
Viscoelastic soft foam systems.
Integral Foam
Fenofoam HI
Moulded foam parts with a compact surface skin.
Filter Foam
Fenofoam FL
Robust sealings for engine air filters.
Rigid Foam
Fenofoam RD
For moulded insulation parts!
Casting systems
Fenomer VU/VF
Compact pouring masses for filter production.
A+ R A-

Soft- and viscoelastic foam

High-resilience polyurethane foam systems – this is our strength!

The entire know-how is put into the formulation of the A-component, which is a mixture of polyether polyols, stabilizers, catalysts, diverse additives as well as flame-retardants or filling material (e.g. for acoustic properties.) Upon reaction with the B-component, an MDI-based isocyanate (methylendiphenyldiisocyanate), the water-blown systems start foaming.

These two liquid components are processed on common low- or high-pressure machines, upon which our systems can be adapted. Thanks to the possibility of regulating and controlling the characteristics of the formulation in a broad range, it offers an unlimited variety in the creation of different moulded foam parts from small to big size. Thus, creating a giant playground for our customers and ourselves!


General applications:

  • Seating furniture / office chairs
  • Seats for vehicle constructors (cars, buses, railway)
  • Automotive (interior, insulation,…)
  • Visco-elastic applications (mattresses, cushions,…)
  • Sealing foams for air-filters, switchboards or Illumination (FIPFG- Sealings)