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Moulded foam systems for the furniture and automotive industry!
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Water-based adhesives
For automotive laminations and the foam converting industry!
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Pouring systems for diesel-, oil- and air filtration!
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Water-based dispersion adhesives

In responsibility to mankind and environment, the development and establishment of water-based adhesives plays a major role in the Fenos philosophy. All of our FENOTACK dispersions are completely free of solvents (e.g. NMP/NEP-free!). Fenos offers a range of dispersions for example on the basis of natural or synthetic caoutchouc, polyurethane (PUD), PVAc (wood glue) or acrylates. These dispersions can be applied by spraying or by roller-application.

Depending on the application there are different ways of processing:


Foam-to-foam bonding & mattress manufacturing

In this case, water-based one-component FENOTACK dispersions can be used. Main feature of these products is its immediate initial tack without evaporation of the water. The application itself is done via spraying pistols or even by rolls e.g. in the mattress manufacturing industry.

An even increased initial bonding can be achieved by adding a further component, using a 2‑component spraying pistol. Even if the adhesive is applied on one side only, material destruction can be obtained within seconds after bonding.


Laminations of foil- and furniture fronts and laminations in the automotive- or textiles industry.

In this section crosslinkable and heat-activatable one- or two-component polyurethane-dispersions come into operation. After the adhesive has completely dried, the irreversible combination of the carrier part with the decor material is mostly achieved by using a heated membrane press.

Also available:

Versions for wet laminations of textiles.


Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)

For self-sticking articles, the versatile acrylate dispersions have proven well in numerous branches (amongst others, the automotive industry). In this case the thixotropic dispersion, is applied onto a transfer foil, dried at elevated temperatures and subsequently transferred onto the substrate (for example foam) together with the protective film which will be removed later.


Wood glue

Our wood glue FENOTACK HL, on basis of Polyvinylacetat (PVAc) complies with the requirements of DIN EN 204.


D3 (one-component)

D4 (also available in one-component)